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Interactive Christian journal software
designed to inspire you to write, to organize your writings within the context of your Christian life, and track your journey so you devote more time to writing and less time to organizational chores. Secure and password-protected!
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Write and Organize
Imagine writing and storing all your work…journal entries, prayers, close encounters of the Christian kind…in one comprehensive program. With Christian LifeJournal, you can chronicle your daily Christian life, record prayers and dreams, while effortlessly staying organized. You won't lose or misplace your work: Assigning topics to entries or passages allows you to effortlessly find your important entries with a mouse-click.

Be Inspired to Write
With Christian LifeJournal, you will look forward to sitting down to work in an encouraging and inspiring writing environment. Open any of hundreds of writing prompts especially designed to stimulate your thinking and to jumpstart your writing about your Christian life. It's like having a writing coach at your side. Biblical quotes and references from notable theologians and clergy and others about the writing process and Christian life offer significant food for thought, inspiration for prayer. Interactive tools will keep you coming back again and again to write…even when you are not entirely sure what you want to write about. This is the Christian journal you have been looking for!

Search, Review, and Reflect
Christian LifeJournal makes it easy to find and review passages about yourself, your family, your relationships, your colleagues, your reading, your travels, your prayers, and your goals. The Search and Review tools let you find exactly the writing you are looking for…by topics, keywords, date, and journal type. You can quickly note patterns, trends and movement as you journey as a Christian, and use your Christian journal. Christian LifeJournal enables you to pull various aspects of your life together through the written word in order to gain insight into your unique pilgrimage as a Christian.

The unique and innovative "Daily Pulse" tool adds a new dimension, allowing you to track areas such as your faith, contentment, charity, and purpose as you grow in your Christian Life. The Timeline helps you set goals, record achievements, and track important life events for yourself and other important people in your life. This comprehensive journaling software, not only helps you write, but facilitates your ability to see yourself and your life as a Christian more clearly, as never before in a Christian journal.

Raise Your Hands and Your Heart Toward God
Christian LifeJournal provides the motivation and inspiration you need to put your experiences as a Christian in written word on the page in a uniquely intuitive and organized fashion. You will no longer waste time wondering how to start or what you wrote last time; you will begin to see the divine connection between your life and your relationship with Jesus Christ.
Let Christian LifeJournal inspire you to chronicle your prayers and your Christian experience. Allow this comprehensive Christian journal help you move ever closer to the Lord through mindful daily powerful interaction with God through the written word.