Journal Software for Alcohol or Drug Recovery

Interactive software designed especially for people who want to stop drinking alcohol or abusing drugs for good.

Christian Life Journal

Life Journal

Interactive Christian journal software
designed to inspire you to write, to organize your writings within the context of your Christian life, and track your journey so you devote more time to writing and less time to organizational chores. Secure and password-protected!
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The Map: for the journey away from homosexuality (CD-ROM)

The Map: for the journey away from homosexuality (CD-ROM

Interactive, multimedia CD-ROM with a 50 page journal for teens and young adults who struggle with unwanted homosexual desires. Great for those who counsel and minister to anyone who desires to recover from same sex attraction. Learn more

Life Journal

Life Journal

At last! You have found the journal program you've been searching for. - THE Recovery Bookstore

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My Walk Software

My Walk Software - Journal, Prayer List Organizer, Bible Reading Log
Journal, Bible Reading Log, Scripture Reference, Prayer List Organizer, Information Manager, Search Wizard and more! Password Protected. The perfect tool for every Christian. Ideal for anyone in recovery. Beneficial to students, researchers, writers, and anyone interested in personal growth.
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