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My Walk Software - Journal, Prayer List Organizer, Bible Reading Log
Journal, Bible Reading Log, Scripture Reference, Prayer List Organizer, Information Manager, Search Wizard and more! Password Protected. The perfect tool for every Christian. Ideal for anyone in recovery. Beneficial to students, researchers, writers, and anyone interested in personal growth.
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What is My Walk Software?

My Walk Software works as an 'electronic filing cabinet' for all things that are meaningful to you, such as passages from books, Bible verses, song lyrics, your journal entries, e-mail, etc.

For each of us, along our unique journey, are words and experiences that instruct us, comfort us, move us, and awaken us. These are the building blocks of our souls and we want to capture them - not only to document personal growth but also as tools in times of need.

My Walk captures your spiritual stepping-stones in a dynamic way so they can be easily and quickly retrieved when needed - for your personal review or to share with someone else.

Benefits of using My Walk...

As you use My Walk over the future months and years, you will be building a valuable collection of lessons, observations, and records that is uniquely yours.

And unlike filing cabinets, bookshelves or traditional journals, with My Walk it is just as easy to harvest from your collection - to find what you're looking for - whether you have ten entries or a thousand.

Who should use My Walk?

Although My Walk was designed from a Christian perspective, to help Christians as they grow in their faith, the contents of the program are whatever you put into it.

This means that the software's powerful features are beneficial to students, researchers, writers, and anyone interested in personal growth.

Text Management

The core of My Walk Software involves managing 'blurbs' of text. Each 'blurb', or entry, can contain up to 64,000 characters, which is roughly 60 single-spaced, typed pages.

Each entry, whether it is your own writing or from another source, can be typed or 'copied and pasted' from any other electronic document. Standard word processing techniques (such as font type and size, bold, italic, underscore, text color, alignment, bullets, etc.) are available to format entry text, if desired.

The power of collecting and managing these entries in My Walk comes from categories. Unlike individual paper or electronic documents, which must be stored in a single folder, My Walk entries can be assigned to multiple categories. The program comes with a list of categories, but you can - and probably will - create your own categories as well.

Features List

Individual/Group Use - My Walk allows for individual and family/group use. Each user has a unique 'log in' to the program, and each of their entries is linked to their individual log in. In addition, each entry can be flagged as 'public' (available to other users) or 'private' (available only to the person who entered it). While all private entries are secure, it's a blessing to be able to share each others' public entries.

Categories - each entry can be linked to one or more categories. My Walk includes an extensive list of categories, such as 'faith', 'forgiveness', and 'patience'. In addition, you can create your own categories - either general or specific ('job situation' or 'Jessica'). Categorizing your entries enables easy retrieval later.

Notes - each entry can include one or more dated notes, especially useful for recording its impact or meaning to you over time. Like the entries themselves, notes are linked to the person who entered them, can be marked public or private, and can contain up to 64,000 characters.

Documents - multiple entries of various types can be easily assembled into a single document that can be viewed on-screen, edited, saved separately from My Walk, e-mailed and/or printed.

Prayers - record what you are praying about, along with follow-up notes - a great faith-builder! Also allows you to group prayer items by days of the week, which is very helpful for working with long prayer lists without getting overwhelmed. Each user has their own prayer list, and each prayer item can be marked public or private. Prayer items that are no longer active can be archived, but archived prayers are always available for review. Prayer lists can be printed when desired.

Bible Reading Log - each user can track which chapters of the Bible they have read and when.

System Utilities - easy to use module for creating back-up copies of your My Walk data, and for re-loading your data in case of PC problems or upgrading to a new computer.

What's Included?

My Walk Software is extremely easy to use, and includes a complete User's Manual. The program can be downloaded over the internet immediately after ordering, which avoids shipping charges and waiting on delivery.

Computer Requirements

My Walk Software runs on PCs using Microsoft Windows95 or higher. Minimum requirements: 486 processor, 16MB RAM, 60MB available hard drive space, VGA monitor, CD-ROM drive.

Screen Shots

My Walk Software is very user-friendly. Below you can review the Main Switchboard that provides easy navigation to all sections of the program. Below that, you will find a screen shot of the Quote Entry screen. PLEASE NOTE: Small type does not always reproduce crisply in images viewed on the internet.

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Screen Shots

My Walk Software - Main Switchboard

My Walk Software - Quote Entry