Accountable2You - Free Online Accountability and Monitoring

Accountable2You Internet Partner is designed for people wanting to be held accountable for time spent online. This software is not intended to fight online addictions but rather to prevent the temptations by accountability. Our software helps the process of accountability by allowing your time online to be transparent to your accountability partner(s). Learn more....

Software Features

  • Absolutely Free!
  • Captures internet websites visited
  • Is not a filter and will not block websites
  • Does not slow down your internet connection
  • Works with all internet browsers and connections
  • Captures Bit Torrent downloads
  • Captures video file downloads

Reporting Features

  • Summary Web Report
    • Summary reports can be viewed up to 20 days of history
    • Broken down by computer name
    • Can be viewed anytime
    • Email Summary Report
    • Daily or Weekly emailed summary report.
    • Broken down by computer name
  • Time Spent Online
  • Shows time spent online
    • Broken down by computer name
    • Can be viewed anytime

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