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At least 21 more Palestinians have been injured after a large number of Israeli forces raided the old city of Nablus.

At least six Palestinians have been killed and 21 wounded after Israeli forces raided several areas in the occupied West Bank, Palestinian officials said.

Early Tuesday morning, a large number of Israeli forces attacked the city of Nablus and were seen by Palestinian security forces and armed fighters, according to a spokesman for the Palestinian Fatah movement.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, five Palestinians were killed by Israeli fire. One of those killed was unarmed, Palestinian health and security officials said.

Their names are: Ali Khaled Antar, 26 years old; Mishal Baghdadi, 27 years old; Wadi al-Hawah, 31; Hamdi Qayyem, 30 years old; and Hamdi Mohamed Sharaf, 35 years old.

The ministry later reported that another Palestinian youth, Qusay al-Tamimi, was killed during confrontations with Israeli forces in the village of Nabi Saleh near the city of Ramallah, where the Palestinian Authority is headquartered in the occupied West Bank.

A ministry spokesman told Al Jazeera that Tamimi was 19 years old.

The Israeli military said only that its forces were operating in Nablus, but gave no further details.

The body of a Palestinian killed by Israeli forces is carried in Nablus in the occupied West Bank in the early hours of October 25, 2022 [Jaafar Ashtiyeh/ AFP]

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is establishing “urgent contacts to stop this aggression against our people” in Nablus, his spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeineh said in a statement.

“All this will have dangerous and devastating consequences,” Abu Rudeineh said on Palestine TV.

The Palestinian Red Crescent reported that the Israeli army prevented its medical crews from entering the al-Karyun neighborhood to evacuate the wounded.

Palestinian sources said Israeli snipers were positioned on the roofs of houses and buildings overlooking Nablus city center and used drones to fire rockets.

In a later development, Israeli forces bombed a civilian vehicle in the Ras al-Ain area, resulting in the death of a Palestinian, whose charred body arrived at Rafidia Hospital.

Armed clashes were continuing in and around the old city of Nablus in the northern occupied West Bank, Al Jazeera’s Nida Ibrahim said, reporting from Ramallah.

“We are hearing local sources calling this a ‘scene from hell.’ We are hearing that a large number of Israeli forces have been pushed inside the city,” Ibrahim said. Nablus has been surrounded by Israeli forces for more than two weeks, she added.

Protesters burn tires on the streets of Nablus during clashes with Israeli forces early on October 25, 2022 [Jaafar Ashtiyeh/AFP]
Protesters burn tires on the streets of Nablus during clashes with Israeli forces early on October 25, 2022 [Jaafar Ashtiyeh/AFP]

“We have seen Israeli forces closing down the city because they say they are interested in tracking down a group that calls itself the Lion’s Den,” Ibrahim said, adding that the group recently claimed responsibility for a shooting that killed an Israeli soldier. ..

Ibrahim Younes, media coordinator for the Palestinian Youth Movement, told Al Jazeera that the Lions group had emerged from youth in the city who had taken up arms to defend the city from incursions by Israeli forces, and the group then became more official. and got a name.

“To understand the perspective of Palestinian youth in the West Bank, you have to look at a situation where there are 800,000 settlers who are illegally occupying a large percentage of the land there,” Younes said.

“You have constant, daily attacks on young Palestinians, whether they’re crossing checkpoints, whether they’re walking to school or work,” he said.

“Obviously there will be a lot of popularity among young people in the West Bank when a group says they will not accept the presence of these settlers on their land,” he added.

On Sunday, the armed Lions group said one of its fighters, Tamer al-Kilani, was killed by explosives placed on a motorcycle in the old city of Nablus.

The group described al-Kilani as one of its “most ferocious fighters” and blamed Israel for the explosion that killed him as he drove by.

The Israeli military declined to comment on the claim that it was behind the killing.

Israeli forces have been carrying out night raids in the occupied West Bank since March in what it says is an effort to dismantle armed networks and thwart attacks.

In May, Israeli soldiers shot and killed Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh while she was on duty in Jenin, in the occupied West Bank.

Abu Akleh was wearing a press vest and standing with other journalists when he was shot dead in what has been described by many as a targeted killing by Israeli forces.

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